Friday, June 18, 2010

CBC News - Nfld. & Labrador - Torbay council roasted at public hearing

Wow the meeting must have been an interesting one last night, I wish I had been able to go. Seems like there are a lot of people pissed about this development but considering that there is over 7000 people in Torbay and maybe a 100 people showed up it is not on everyones radar.

I understand the frustration of the people living in the immediate area but these developments effect the entire town and our ability to raise revenues to pay for town services. There have been other projects in this town where residents have been negatively effected but they have gone ahead when they have met all the necessary requirements.

People will say that if you don't live in the area then you should mind your own business however what if someone is looking forward to this development so that they can possibly buy a house there. I am sure with all the public attention that this project is going to get that if it does go ahead it won't be without a fight.

I agree with people having concerns based on valid arguments like adding so many new wells and the sewer issue. However I think that opposing it based entirely on wanting to preserve a quiet neighborhood is not going to stand up. Especially considering how many other quiet neighborhoods have been basically turned into subdivisions and thorough fares over the years.

This should be an interesting few months as this thing moves forward.

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  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2010

    If there was a main road going to this area from say Bauline line people may not be as upset. With that being said the development calls for widening Byrnes Lane, I decided to drive up there, and there is plenty of room to widen the lane without really effecting people's properties. You can see on Google Street View that everyone up there has a large frontage so taking a bit of land should not be a big deal, I haven't heard these people complain about all the houses on Torbay Road losing there front yards from the bypass road.

  2. Well there are two different developments taking place up there. One is going to be connected to Camp Carey road which is off the Bauline Line. That road is narrow and certainly will need to be upgraded it the traffic increases. This will eventually connect to the other Whitty's ridge development I think but Byrnes Lane will have to be widened no doubt about it.

    I sympathize with the residents up there but that is a public road and if the development goes ahead they really can't stop it. Good luck to them if they try.


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