Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Summer on Torbay Road Starts Today

Well I guess today is the start of it.  I was lined up for quite a while this evening coming in Torbay road and it was only 3:45.  I know that it is supposed to be better for everyone in the long run when that Torbay Bypass Road is completed but it will be a painful transition waiting for it to open.  They started working on the stretch between where the bypass starts and the 5 lane portion of Torbay Road.  I always thought Torbay road was 4 lanes,  my mistake for not counting the fire lane I guess.

Anyway I am not even convinced that it is a good design but I am willing to give it a chance and see how it works out.  I am not in love with the way it appears cars will be getting on and off that road at all points.  How will it work on Torbay Road? As I understand it there will be an intersection there and with possible traffic lights.    What about Indian Meal Line (or as I like to call it Torbay Speedway) or Bauline Line, last I heard they were going to be STOP signs; there is an accident waiting to happen.  I could be wrong about that but it is hard to find any information about it anywhere and the only thing available on the web is the design plan from the Government of Newfoundland which only shows the route.  Of course the town doesn't have anything posted publicly on their website about it, you would need the services of Jack Bauer to use his interrogation skills to find out anything over there.  The only thing more secret that the happenings over at the Town of Torbay is what happed to Danny Williams hair part.

The only other thing on the web about the bypass road is a Facebook group set up by Tanya Mercer Power and Bill Tapper that when you really look at it was more of a political issue they were trying to raise during the last by-election to try and get a Liberal (Tanya Power) elected.  In my opinion they were just trying to raise her profile and hopefully garner a few votes in hopes of beating Kevin Parsons and we all know how that worked out.

Anyway, you had better bet yourself an extra large coffee cup to bring along in the car in the mornings for the next while as we are sure to be sitting in traffic.  Lets all remember to just relax and don't go over the deep end like that nut job in St John's the other day with the road rage incident.  If I see someone coming up to my truck with a baseball bat he had better be on his way to a ball game.

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