Thursday, June 17, 2010

Torbay Council Minutes Update

Well it looks like the minutes are getting updated on the town website. I checked this morning and found that they have been posted for the meetings up to May 17, 2010. I have read through them and found some interesting stuff. I must admit that it is nice to be able to look at the minutes of council to find out some of what is going on instead of having to wait to read it in the North East Avalon Times.

Some highlights from the meetings include 

The need to have six sewage treatment facilities/technologies submitted to the province for consideration instead of the single proposal they had previously prepared. This seems like a lot of extra work on first glance but it may benefit the town in the long run if we are forced to seek out various methods which may be better suited for our particular area. What ever the case and the final decision this is something that we absolutely have to do.

There was also mention of some letters sent to council from Grade 5 Students of Holy Trinity Elementary concerning conditions at Torbay Beach. It is nice to see young people with this level of interest and also promising to see the teacher helping the students get involved. I am happy that members of council are acknowledging these students and suggesting that they send them an official correspondence in reply to each students letter. At least they will get the impression that their concerns are being taken seriously and council is addressing them.

Kevin Parsons and another resident sent an email to council regarding the poor state of Torbay Road and in particular the ruts on Piper Stock hill. It has been suggested that these ruts may have caused an accident recently and wondering when they will be fixed. I know that I have noticed that those ruts can certainly cause your car to react when your tires get caught in them. I stopped there one night just to see how deep they are and they are actually deeper then they look. Mayor Codner advised that the section of road between Middle Cove Road and Marine Drive are scheduled to be completed, hopefully that gets done sooner rather than later. I think if I had an accident and was convinced the ruts were the cause I would be contacting a lawyer to explore my options.

Council also approved the rezoning of a piece of land at the end of McArthur Place to accommodate five fully serviced building lots. The current zoning is Residential Subdivision Area Serviced  the new zoning will be Residential Medium Density.

They discussed Whitty’s Ridge
Proposal for development – 30 plus lots on Whitty’s Ridge with a connection between Byrne’s Lane and Whitty’s Lane. It looks like some road upgrades need to be done before any development can take place.  There is also an information session concerning this development tonight at the Kinsmen Center. That should be interesting.

Here is another development in Whitty’s Ridge South
Proposal for development – 15 plus un-serviced lots with connection between Whitty’s Lane and Camp Carey Road. Council has given this one approval in principle so the developer can proceed with engineering and design work.

Looks like the town is paving the way for more residential development in Torbay with the removal of all 610 metre buffer zones with the exception of two around Ryan's farm and Connor's farm. In addition to that they are rezoning some land on Bauline Line from Rural Land Use to Residential Large Lot. My how the town is growing.

I have asked the Deputy Mayor why Council doesn't post the Agenda for upcoming council meetings so people can find out what is going to be discussed. Residents may have ideas or concerns related to upcoming agenda items and may want to attend a meeting to get more information. He is going to get back to me on that.

One thing I need to say is that all of the items I have posted here are from May 17,2010 council minutes and many of these items may have changed or been address in subsequent meetings. That is the problem with using documentation that is a month old by the time it is posted by council. I am hoping they can get the minutes approved and posted faster so that it will be more accurate. I am also considering attending the meetings myself and taking some notes to have things more up to date.


  1. G.NoseworthyJune 17, 2010

    Great Craig! thanks for this...i'm glad you took the time to make this blog. I agree, it'd be nice to know the agenda, so that interested parties can make the effort to attend meetings rather than having to work retroactively.

  2. Yeah this working retroactively is a bit of a pain so I need to see what I can do to get more up to date info. That may include having to go to some meetings myself to take notes.

    Thanks for your interest in my site, I have been getting a fair bit of positive feedback. This is more of a hobby for me but it certainly is fun and interesting.


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