Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Killick Coast Games seem to be going well

I have been speaking to lots of people about the Killick Coast Games and the overwhelming response has been positive. I have noticed quite a bit of traffic on the Bauline Line both out near the Kinsmen Center and passing my house which indicates the event is well attended. Hopefully the weather cooperates and all the kids have a great time.

I was looking at all that and wondering how much money it must cost to put something like that off so I was pleased to find out that the Provincial Government had given the town $10,000 from the Regional Games Program to assist with the costs. I found that out by speaking to Kevin Parsons the MHA for the District of Cape St. Francis and he was kind enough to forward me a press release by the government from July 2010 about the funding.

You can read the press release in it's entirity on my GNL Releases page

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  1. thats cool that made me proud to live in torbay


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