Monday, August 9, 2010

Update - Bathroom Facilities at Upper Three Corner Soccer Field

It is driving me nuts that there are no bathroom facilities located at the soccer field for the children to use during soccer. I know that the club house over by the softball field is there and IF there is a ball game going on that the kids could go there to use the washroom. That being said I don't understand why the town isn't providing at least some port-a-potties for the users of the park.

There is soccer games at that field every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and the kids range in ages from 4 years old to teenagers. I fee bad for the younger kids who only get about 1/2 hour to play their game and if they need to go pee they either have to trek over to the clubhouse and back which can take up to 15 minutes and basically miss half of their game or go in the woods. However from my observation most kids are going in the woods or high grass surrounding the soccer field. I know my son doesn't mind going into the woods, he gets a big kick out of it but the same can't be said for my little girl.

I have just written a letter to the Supervisor of Recreation and Helathy and the Deputy Mayor asking why we don't have this and if they are willing to supply them. I am waiting to hear their response.

Well I got my response from the Deputy Mayor and I must say I was not happy. For what is is worth the basic explanation I got was that it would cost roughly $3000 to put a Port-A-Potty in at the soccer field and considering that the club house is there with bathrooms it is not justifiable to spend that money. The club house is supposed to be open at all times when the soccer field is being used and if we encounter a time when it is not open we should contact them.

This is all fine and dandy but I was a bit pissed considering we can afford to spend over $70,000 of our tax dollars to redo work that was done last year and paid for by the province. I am referring to the cleaning out of the sewer pipe on Torbay Beach which judging from the boat that was there all week is being done now.

So it is OK to spend $70,000 or more redoing that work, but not to spend a few dollars on our kids. The money that we are re-spending would pay for a port-a-potty for 25 years.

Got another Update:

Been exchanging some emails with the Deputy Mayor and he is willing to bring my concerns to council and see if they can take another look at it. Now they are not making any promises but just the fact they are willing to take another look is promising. Hopefully there is enough support and a willingness to address this issue and put something in place to alleviate the problem.

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  1. I fully agree. I have been there several times with my three year old son, praying that he can hold it until we get home.


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