Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Contract for Sewage Lift Station and Chlorine Contact Chamber Awarded

This little item is a little old but I though it was worth mentioning considering it is an expenditure of almost a Million dollars.

On June 14th Council voted to award a contract to Pyramid Construction in the amount of $858,796.91 and an additional $91,200.00 in Engineering fees for a total of $949,966.91. There is nothing unusual about this process and I am glad that it is happening and but I find it fascinating that our Councillors can spend this kind of money in the blink of an eye and it is summed up in a two sentence, three line entry in the weekly council minutes.

Don't get me wrong because I am not implying that they did anything wrong, on the contrary they are doing their jobs. I just think that this is a perfect example why people should take municipal politics more seriously and really make an effort to get more involved during the councils term and especially at election time. We need to make sure that we are electing qualified and serious people to make these and other decisions on our behalf.

I am glad that infrastructure projects like this are going ahead to make our town better but I would like to know when they are really going to expand water and sewer services in Torbay so that more residents can avail of them. That will be a huge challenge considering South Pond which is one of our designated water supply ponds is nothing more that a big bog hole, which by the way as I understand it the town is trying to get removed from that designation. The other water supply pond is Great Pond which of anyone has ever been in there is not exactly a pristine example of purity.

Maybe it is time for Torbay to partner with the other municipalities on the North East Avalon and develop a regional water supply. I have heard people speak of using Medalsis Pond in Flatrock as a water supply, it is said that it is the deepest pond around and would be a great candidate. An initiative like that however would require a tremendous amount of cooperation and leadership from all the participating towns and a great deal of money from the Provincial Government. You never know it could happen and until something like that happens I think it is a long shot for many more people in Torbay to get "hooked up"

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