Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I got one for you!

Many times that is how a person may start off a joke or indicate that they are about to tell a joke. Well I got a good one for you.

The Torbay Museum/Heritage Committee received over $17,260 in operational and project funding through the province's Cultural Economic Development Program. Now that is not the funny part, that is great and we should all be happy that our town is getting this kind of investment. The funding is supposed to support the Torbay Museum/Heritage Committee in it's day to day operations. There is also a plan to implement a project where oral recordings are collected in the community and then made accessible to the general public through their cell phones. Basically as I understand it you call in from a particular spot, say outside Liddy's or something and you will get a recording telling you about the history of that spot. Again there is nothing funny about that, that is an interesting project if they get it done.

What I found funny was when I tried to go to the Museum Website I figured I would just google it. I typed Torbay Museum in Google and the very first site that came back was this one. Judging from the Whats New: heading it hasn't been updated since 2005. No worries I figured that was the old site and maybe it is still hanging around so I just went to the Town of Torbay site to find out what is on the go with the Museum.

I went to the town website and followed the link on the main page to see the museum information and this is what I found. A description of the museum and some contact information, pretty standard stuff. Then I noticed a link, that said Visit the Torbay Museum Website 

Now what do you think happened when I clicked on that link? Went to the Torbay Museum website right? Got to see all the exciting things going on at the museum right? Not exactly......there is no Torbay Museum website even though the town's own website tells you there is and even invites to to visit it.

That is the joke, and it is not funny, who is responsible for updating that website and adding links and other information to it? I am sure it is not getting done for free and most likely costing the town a pretty penny. I have noticed other problems with the town website over the past few months and it bugs me that something so simple can be overlooked.

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