Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update - What is on the go with New Fun Land VII?

UPDATE: I asked the Mayor about this and he assures me that the town processed the request with all due haste. This is the response I received from my inquiry and I would like to thank him for his prompt and frank reply.

This request was processed by the town with  all due haste. The site had to be rezoned to permit construction of the daycare facility which process alone required approximately ten weeks. Everyone who has/had  an interest in the operation and called the town were kept informed  of the scheduling and the procedures. Rezoning is a process that involves the town, applicant , Municipal Affairs,  general public and a lot of procedural work. This is a strict procedure that we have to follow for all rezoning applications as outlined in the Rural and Planning Act.
After the rezoning hurdles were  cleared, Government Services then had to review the application from a fire, life safety and accessibility perspective. Final  approval was issued by the Town of Torbay, 6 August 2010.
Bob Codner

Judging from that, I would say that in my opinion the operators were being pretty optimistic with regards to the opening date. That is not to say it would have been impossible but any delay what so ever would have a devastating effect on the timeline.

I feel for those parents and the operator of the centre. I could envision myself in the exact same predicament and don't envy them. Hopefully the construction can proceed as quickly as possible and the best outcome can be realized for everyone involved. This new facility will be a great addition to the community and is certainly needed. Good luck to all!

UPDATE: Someone left a comment on this story that says they were informed by the operator of the daycare that it will not open on time and that the reason was because the town was slow with permits. I think I will ask the town if and why there was such a delay and do they know that many people are going to be going through quite a hardship trying to find childcare in the next couple of weeks. I certainly feel for those parents as I know what it is like to try and find childcare at the last minute and how extremely difficult it is. Good Luck to everyone!

I wonder what is on the go with the New Fun Land daycare centre that is supposed to be opening in September? I looks like construction is pretty much stalled since they got the floor poured. I noticed that the trusses are on site but no walls yet to put them on. It is August 3rd and not a nail has been driven, if I was a parent who had a child registered for September I would be worried.

I know how hectic it is trying to find after school care for elementary school children and must have been a relief to many parents when that centre was announced and taking registrations.  I know that when the Y After School Program cut the number of students that were going to take it was quite a blow for us considering we had our daughter on the waiting list for almost 3 years and fully expecting she would go there in September. Our son is still in it but we had to scramble to find after school care for her. Luckily we were able to secure the spot we needed and that was prior to this centre being announced but I would be panicking right now if we had signed her up there.

I know some parents who gave up a spot they had in order to register their child in that centre and what are they going to do if there is a delay in opening that space? I know that it is not easy to find child care in Torbay on a moments notice and in some cases when you can, the provider wants to work under the table and not provide a receipt.

I hope that some news can be provided soon as I know many people are holding their breaths in anticipation of what that news will be. I have sent an email to the operator of the centre,  Sheena Winsor  to ask for an update on the planned opening and waiting for a response and will update my story when I get it.


  1. Sheena called me - I have my daughter registered and no other option right now. It will not be opening on time! She said that Torbay has been slow with permits. I was worried when I registered knowing that the building had to be built by September. I should have gone with my gut feeling. And it would have been nice to be told before now!She said they are trying to find an alternate site until the building is ready! I am not looking forward to the next couple of weeks trying to find child care for daughter who is starting kindergarten.

  2. This spring New Fun Land Ltd. signed a contract with the owner of the building that stated New Fun Land VII would be completed and ready to open it's doors September 2010. We have constructed six childcare centres and in our experience this would have given the contractor plenty of time to complete the project. Everyone was confident in this matter, which is why we told parents we would open on that date. We had no reason to think otherwise. The owner of the building began to work with the town to attain a permit in March and unfortunately the permit was not given until August 6. As a comparison, construction of New Fun Land 6 in Gander was began in May 2010 and as of last week this centre is ready for the children, a month early.

    This experience has turned out to be very frustrating for everyone involved. We have worked with many other towns through our 14 years of business rezoning and obtaining permits, and we have never encountered such a delay to obtain a permit for a childcare centre. We certainly didn't expect a delay from a community that was so desperate for this service. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we can assure you it is due to no fault of our own, and we are doing everything in our power to come up with an alternate arrangement for the parents affected.

    Sheena Winsor
    Operator, New Fun Land VII

    Gaye Roberts
    Owner, New Fun Land

  3. Thanks for the comment Sheena and I hope everything works out well for you and all involved.


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