Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who is going to the Regatta?

Who is planning on going to the Regatta tomorrow? Are people still as interested in this event like they were in years past when there seemed to be more participation in the races?

These are interesting questions and I wonder what the answers are. I know that the last few times I have gone and I guess ever since I was old enough to go to the beer tent that the races were just background noise for me. The last few years since moving back to Torbay my wife and I have taken our kids down there but that is mainly to try and win a few stuffed toys and get get face pain or a tattoo. Certainly they have no interest in the races that are going on and judging from the number of crews that have been taking part recently neither do rowers.

I have a few issues with the annual pilgrimage down to Quidi Vidi Lake and I am sure that many people share my view, as that is what I have been hearing from people. Many people including myself think it is time for the regatta to make some changes. The first thing I would like to see changed is the day....screw this Wednesday foolishness and change the holiday to a Friday or Monday, at least let the people who don't care for the races or the garden party that goes along with it can enjoy a long weekend.

The next thing I would like to see them do is change the format and the sorts of events that go on down there. I would hold the event over 2 or 3 days, have different kinds of races. What about having sea-doo or speed boat races on one day....even dory races or certainly sliding seat races like they do in the rest of the country. They could have someone down there doing water skiing tricks or some other exciting and fun activities that interest younger people and families. Turn it into an event that can be promoted all across the country as something that people would mark on their calendar and consider coming to from the mainland.

I am not talking about eliminating the traditional fixed seat racing but augmenting it and making the annual event higher profile and more fun for everyone. However I don't envision this ever happening because the biggest problem with the regatta is the people who are running it. In my opinion they are a bunch of old farts who are so stuck in their ways that they would rather see the whole event die than change it. Just look at what they did last year to those crews from Portugal Cove, basically they forced them to pay for facilities and equipment that they didn't even use and many of those crews ended up dropping out. How is that for trying to grow your sport?

Anyway, I don't think I will be going down there tomorrow because I will be installing siding on Leo's house. I know the kids will miss out on all that crap that I would have spent a hundred bucks on trying to win for them. Maybe I will take them to the Dollarama on the weekend and give them 10 bucks each and let them get a whole bunch of those can't live without items that I would have tried to win down there.  I may take a run down at some point in the day so that I can spend a few dollars at the Torbay Volunteer Fire Department ticket booth but that is about it.

For more info go to the regatta website

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