Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More pictures from Igor

These are just a few pictures I took today between 4:00 and 5:00 while I was out around. Lost my power at around 6:00 and just got it back.

Ditch on Indian Meal Line. It was overflowing across the road and flooded my parents place.

This is a brand new house in that new subdivision off Bridge Road. I am willing to bet that the guy who bought that house is not from Torbay because that river has flooded like that for as long as I can remember and this is right behind my parents house. Good luck buddy

Again I feel bad for this guy.

River on Indian Meal Line behind my parents house.

I took these pictures after the rain stopped so the water was higher.

Hope the Ryan's and the Coady's didn't get flooded out on Lower Street.

Here are a few pictures of Great Pond, looks more like the ocean.
These pictures don't do it justice as to how rough that pond is.


  1. Wow, that house on back of Mom and Dad's looks like it's floating. Your right what you say though, that river has flooded for years, that guy is probably pretty pissed. I would be....


  2. How does the town council allow someone to build a house in that spot. I guess if you know the right people you are allowed to rip off people who don't know any better.I told everyone when i was home what was going to happen to that house in the fall. And I was right. Unfortunately.



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