Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paper and Cardboard Drop-Off at Town Hall

The Town of Torbay is having two recycling events at the town hall for paper and cardboard. I am a little behind the times on the first one as it has already occurred on the 28th of August but there is another on Saturday the 25th of September.

These are worthwhile events to be sure but the overriding issue is that in my opinion there should be curb side recycling program in Torbay. Newfoundlanders in general are the worst recyclers in the country and it is not completely our fault, the main issue is that there is very little curb side recycling in the province. I think that Pouch Cove has just implemented the first curb side program in the region and possibly the province and it appears that it is going very well. I was really impressed when I looked at the list of items they can recycle, it reminded me of when I lived in Ottawa and the recycling program there.

Pouch Cove residents and council should be commended for their efforts because it seems that more people are buying into the program. On July 28th just a couple of months after the program started on May the 5th and around 6 or 7 pickups they collected 2.4 Tons of recyclable materials, three times the amount of their first pickup. This just goes to show that if you provide people with the means to participate in programs like this they will indeed do it.

Why is it that Pouch Cove can implement a program like this and we in Torbay are stuck with a program that makes council feel good about them selves but does nothing to change peoples habits. Most likely before I ever get to the town hall with my cardboard and paper it will be burnt in my barrel in the back yard. It is a sad thing to say but it is the truth and I am sure I am not the only one in the town who burns this stuff. It is time for us to move on recycling in this town.


  1. why would you want the increased costs of a door to door pick up.

  2. I lived i Gatineau Quebec and the curb side recycling was very good and it was all picked up in on bin every 2 weeks. My taxes didn't go up to fund it as garbage collection was reduced to every 2 weeks as well. So same amount of collections just one week recycling and next week garbage. Plus the city made money off the recycled material.

  3. It's a similar situation in Halifax and surrounding communities, you have your recycling picked up one week and garbage the next so no extra work is created nor extra cost to the residents taxes. The start-up cost would be significant I'm sure (new trucks, boxes for each home) but that's where Government should step in.


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