Thursday, September 2, 2010

Torbay Bypass Road - Public Meeting

Well I was at the meeting last night along with about 80 other people and contrary to what was reported on CBC I didn't think that the Mayor or anyone else for that matter was "ripped into". I admit that people are frustrated with the slow progress and wishing it was done but what I took away from that meeting is that there are a variety of issues that people have and it seems to me that most of them have nothing to do with the slow pace but are more personal to them. That is not to say that we are not angry because Weirs Construction seems to have the take your time and get your stamps attitude towards this project.

People are upset about decisions that were made to cut off Quigley's lane where it is and put an intersection 100 metres to the north of it for future development. They would have liked for it to stay the same but from my understanding there were engineering considerations that had to be made with regards to the access and it couldn't go where the existing Quigley's lane was.

Some resident's in the Reddy Drive area and North Pond Road are concerned about access to traditional wood cutting land as well as the trails for quads and walking. We were told that there is a service road being put there for that purpose however the government looked at a proposal from the town for putting an overpass connecting Reddy Drive to the other side of the by-pass road and deemed it to be too expensive and not justifiable because it led to no where. I don't think the residents were too happy with that answer but it is what it is and no underpass or overpass will go there. I think the vision for the future would have been to connect Reddy Drive up with a road from Forest Landing, at least that is the most logical scenario.

One positive that I heard at the meeting was from the MHA for Cape St. Francis, Kevin Parsons when he advised the Mayor and everyone else that he had received confirmation that morning that traffic lights will be installed at both Indian Meal Line and Bauline Line. That was a major issue for me considering I live on Bauline Line although I am still concerned about the increased traffic I am anticipating. Another point that Kevin made that was pretty obvious to anyone who looks at this project is that this is not a bypass road. He called it an arterial road and that is exactly what it is. If it were a true bypass road there would not be exits all over the place and certainly you wouldn't get on an off in least that is how I see it.

Other issues were discussed as well, one being the desire of the provincial government to hand responsibility of Torbay Road to the town. The Mayor indicated that the Town has sent a cost estimate to the government on what it would entail but from what I was told no real negotiations have gone on between both levels of government. So I guess that is on the back burner for now but we can be rest assured it will come up again.

Another real problem is the state of Bauline Line, Indian Meal Line and Torbay Road between the Bridge and the School. They are in absolutely deplorable condition and these things should be used by the town as a bargaining chip when it comes to discussing who is responsible for Torbay Road. Maybe we can get some pavement in exchange for taking over snow clearing from the province, I think that would be a good deal considering the town snow plow seemingly passes my house in the winter through a foot of snow to go plow a 100 feet of Three Island Pond Road and then drives right back out through the snow on Bauline Line again. If you are going to drive along the road to get to another you may as well plow the damn thing in my opinion.

Anyway all the issues aside it is nice to see people getting out an voicing their opinions and showing some interest in what is going on in our town. It is about time we really started to get interested and let our municipal leaders know what we want and if we are not satisfied we have the hammer when it comes to the next election. Lets hope people stay interested and involved.


  1. i also think connecting Reddy Drive up with a road from Forest Landing is the most logical scenario.

  2. Never had a chance to get over to the meeting Craig but I'm sure you had a voice for us all :D
    The next enhancement that is way overdue in Torbay are sidewalks on the main road, Bauline Line and Indian Meal Line. We have a "somewhat" active community that certainly needs this and if they are to re-pave these roads they may as well do it right and install sidewalks on one side at the same time. Along with the safety it provides our residents it brings a cleaner aspect to the town. I'm sure well chat about it more @ the field.


  3. Thanks for the update, Craig. One thing which I have noticed during my trips home to Torbay is the outrageously fast driving on Indian Meal Line. Some drivers seem to treat it like a drag strip. I am surprised that there have not been more accidents. I hope that once the arterial road is open, these problems will subside.


  4. Did they give any time line for completion? I find it hard to believe they are going to get the whole thing paved before the frost comes, but will they at least have the existing road back in once piece before the winter?



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