Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Council Meeting Last Night and the By-Pass Road

Well I went to the council meeting last night and prior to the meeting I was speaking to a lady who works for Farrell's Construction and found out that they are the company who has been awarded the tender to pave the Torbay By-Pass Road. I have asked several people including our MHA about this company and they have nothing but good words to say about them. That is why I was so surprised by what happened at council.

The meeting was pretty uneventful except for when the topic of Farrell's came up because they are looking for the support of the town to use the pit that is in by Robin's Pond Hill to blast and crush the stone for the by-pass road. It all seemed pretty simple to me, the stone is there and the company would crush it and stay off our other roads with an estimated 8500 round trips to bring the stone in from another pit.

However in my opinion Councillor Smith seemed to go way overboard with her assessment of a letter sent to council requesting this support. Basically she called the owner of the company down in the dirt and questioned his integrity. I was shocked and so was the representative from the company judging from the look on her face and I can't blame her.

Here we have a company that wants to do business in our town and we have a Councillor who is an elected official and representative of the people having a hissy fit at a public meeting. I thought her comments were way out of line and frankly embarrassing. Judging from the parts of the letter that she read out during the meeting I didn't see anything in there to be offended by and I am trying to get a copy of the letter to let everyone see what the big fuss was about.

Apparently Farrell's offered the Town of Torbay stone for helping them out. Seems perfectly logical to me, they are going to be doing the road anyway and doesn't it make sense to keep the construction traffic entirely on the by-pass route and not have them trucking stone across our other roads especially Bauline Line and Indian Meal Line. I know I don't want all those trucks trekking back and forth in front of my place but I guess making some kind of grandiose spectacle is more important then the safety of our children and drivers that would be impacted by the increased traffic....not to mention the money the town would save by getting all that stone for free.

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