Friday, October 15, 2010

Torbay Left Behind On Curbside Recycling?

Recycling seems to be the one of the foremost programs being implemented across our region and it seems that Torbay is lagging behind everyone else.

The city of St John’s has finally brought its Curbside Recycling Program on line and from everything I have heard it seems to be well though out and should run smoothly. This program has been a long time in the making and I hope the residents of St John’s embrace this opportunity to help the environment by recycling as many materials as they can and reduce the amount of garbage going to the land fill.

The city has created a new website dedicated to Curbside Recycling that has all the information resident will need to take full advantage of the program. There are also many good tips on that site for everyone if you are interested.

Not only has the City of St John’s left us in their dust but so have other municipalities on the North East Avalon. Mount Pearl, Paradise, Pouch Cove, Flatrock and Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove have all jumped into the curbside recycling fray with either programs that are running or will be running in the not too distant future. As indicated in the May 25, 2010 council minutes Portugal Cove St. Phillips has also discussed this and were to be contacting Pouch Cove to ask about their program.

St John’s – Curbside Recycling starts Oct 18, 2010

Mount Pearl – Curbside Recycling program to start Nov 16, 2010

Paradise – Curbside Recycling program is ongoing

Pouch Cove – Curbside Recycling program in ongoing

Flatrock – Curbside Recycling starts on November 10, 2010

Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove – Curbside Recycling program started Sept 2010

There is a glaring absence from this list and it is the Town of Torbay. We are one of the fasted growing municipalities in our region and we appear to have no curbside recycling program planned for the near future. I don’t recall ever reading anything on the town website regarding curbside recycling and put the question out there for anyone who has heard anything.

I know that there are members of council who care about the environment and I am sure they would love to impliment a similar program to the other municipalities. It may even be easier now because the City of St. John's has the infrastructure in place at the dump now to handle the materials being recycled. I guess we will see over the next little while if they have any intentions of moving forward in this area.

This is not only an environmental issue for me it is a policy issue. What is our policy on curbside recycling if we have one at all? Why is the Town of Torbay not being as environmentally responsibly as other municipalities in the region when it comes to municipal waste?

Maybe the answer to these questions is as simple as money. Possibly we just can’t afford to have a program like this considering all the other pressing needs we have. Really, we are still dumping raw sewage into our bay contaminating the beach, what is a few truckloads of recyclable materials landing in Robin Hood bay?


  1. Curbside Recycling is way beyond Torbays reach. Torbay can't even gets clean water to homes or even give daily updates as to what is happening with the water or how much longer we will have to wait.

  2. I know the Boil Order must be a pain in the ass but hopefully when the Chlorine Contact facility is up and running you will have better quality of water.

    I know this is an inconvenience but overall the town does a pretty good job when it comes to providing safe water for the residents.

    I agree that they could be communicating it better but I heard the mayor on the radio the other morning saying it could be Monday before it is fixed

  3. Thats Craig at least you are keeping people informed.

  4. Curb Side Recycling is nothing new. We should have it. Also, you cannot compare the cost of building and operating a sewage treatment plant to offering a road side collection of a few recyclables.

  5. Great post! When I read your article, I really agree with you about this. I hope you will share more with us. Thank you!


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