Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Absolutely Rotted!!

I know I have not been blogging much lately but to tell you the truth I have been too rotted to get up the energy to write anything.

I have had a few bad weeks, first off the motor went on our washer so we ended up having to spend a small fortune to get a new washer and dryer...then the friggin fridge started to act up and had to buy a new fridge, and of course that was another bunch of money. To make matters worse the new fridge wouldn't fit under the damn cabinets so I had to remove those, cut them and order new doors. Add to that I had to get repairs done on my car, put tires on the truck and on and on and on! Don't even get me started about winterizing the pool and getting the kids rink ready.

Just when I though I couldn't be more rotted the municipal assessment shows up and I see that council wants another pile of money from me. That in turn made me think about the fact that council still has not gotten back to me with the information I requested in relation to that retirement party that they don't see to want to talk about. Well that was enough to set me off this evening. I sent another follow-up email to the Mayor and the rest of council to see if anyone over in that council chamber has the guts to stand behind the expenditures they approve.

They told me over a month ago once I started asking about this that in order to get the information I wanted I had to put in an official request to council. Fair enough I said and proceeded to send an email to the Mayor and all the Councillors, seems official enough to me. However it has been since September 29th since I sent that email and have not heard one peep. I suspect that they are going to get nit-picky with me and say that it has to be in writing and delivered to council on paper....I guess I will have to print the email off and bring it over if that is the route they take....I am not holding my breath on that one.

That being said, I am not giving up on this issue because I have spoken to many people about this over the past month and I have not heard one person defend the spending and everyone is as pissed about it as I am. This issue is very important to me especially considering I have another big council bill on the way to pay for my garbage pick up and I am sure they will be wanting that to replenish the party coffers once they blow a bunch of money on the Christmas Party that is sure to be coming up.

Stay tuned, hopefully I can have something to report on this soon.

Oh and who in Torbay right now is not rotted with the mess on Torbay Road. I have been going the Portugal Cove or Outer Cove route most days but the other day I went out there and was delayed by 3 separate construction crews.....took me an hour to get to work....Rotted indeed!