Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Pictures of Newfoundland and Torbay

These are some pictures I received by email from a lady in Ontario that reads my blog. I believe that they are pictures that she got from her husbands grandfather. Anyway I thought I would share them.

I don't know where this one is but if anyone has an idea that would be great, it looks familiar to me but I can't be sure. Kind of looks like Pouch Cove.

This one is the Anglican Church in Torbay, that is pretty clear.

Newfoundland Hotel

This looks like it was taken from Middle Cove

Not sure where this is

I am pretty sure this is Pouch Cove


Flatrock I think



Not sure where this photo was taken, may have been in the old convent

 Another picture of the airport

Not sure where this one is either

If anyone knows anything about these pictures please let me know, thanks

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jack Harris allowed to Address Council Prior to Meeting.

I was reading the council minutes of April 4th and noticed this little snippet from the beginning of the meeting.

Mr.  Jack Harris, MP, St. John’s East, was  in attendance at  the  beginning of meeting.   He introduced himself and expressed his appreciation of support the last time he ran; he hoped he represented everyone well in Ottawa.  He expressed his support of various projects/work; and, he left his card and advised that if anyone had any questions to contact him.  
 I can't help but wonder if this is appropriate. When I read this it gives me the impression that our Council may have endorsed Mr Harris in the last election, which I am sure is not the case but it is interesting. Also who ever wrote the minutes should not have referred to him as the MP for St John's East as currently he is not the MP as Parliament has been dissolved and there is an election under way. He is a candidate for election and to me this appears to be suspect that he used the council chambers of out town to basically give a campaign appearance.

I know that I may have a bias here because I support Jerry Byrne but it is the principal of the thing that gets me. Why be allowed to use our council chamber to do a campaign stop. If he wanted to stand out side in the parking lot and greet people as they came in he can fill his boots.

I think I will send a letter to council and ask why they allowed this.

Budget Day Today

I wonder how our riding is going to fare? Will we get funding for a new school? Will we be getting some money for road work?

Very good questions and I am waiting to see how it all pans out...

Montreal up 2 - 1 - Damn the Bruins LOL

Loving it.................

Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Trinity Elementary Official Opening

I went to the official opening of our new school on Friday and I have to admit that I was pretty impressed. The students at that school impress me more and more each time I attend an event there. A couple of weeks ago I went to a Musical called Bugz that was performed by the grade 3 and 4 students and I was very proud of the children for doing such a great job. The show was a resounding success in my opinion and displayed what great talent our children have. It also shows the level of professionalism provided by the teachers and staff at the school who have obviously put a lot of time and effort in with the children.

The official opening was well attended by parents and public figures alike and there were many good words spoken about the school and those responsible for securing the funding. Specific recognition was given to our former MHA Jack Byrne who was instrumental in making sure we got a new school, it is sad that his time on this earth was cut short and he didn't get to see the fruits of his labor but as a community we should never forget the contributions he made to our riding over the years.

Our current MHA Kevin Parsons said some very nice words about Mr Byrne and acknowledged his hard work in securing the funding for the school and other projects in our area. Kevin also spoke about the recent announcement by the school board about the need for another school in our area and I am confident he will work hard to try and get the dollars required to make it a reality.

I am pleased to say that I was able to attend this event as well as the event that was held at the old school last year where Mayor Bob Codner gave the children and parents a bit of a history lesson with regards to the old school and it's origins and evolution over the years. Keeping with a similar theme it was nice to see that the children and teachers had prepared and presented a montage of images and thoughts related to the transition from the old school to the new one. It was entitled "Our Journey to the New School" and was very well done.

During the ceremony that announced that the school colors had been changed and this brought back memories for me as the old school colors were the same ones since I attended that school decades earlier. However the choice of the new school colors of Blue and Green seem entirely appropriate considering the steps taken to make the school environmentally friendly and that theme is something that the children have embraced whole heartedly. 

The theme of the celebration was "Holy Trinity Elementary - Where Everybody Belongs" and judging from the many pictures drawn by the students it is more than just a theme but a way of life at our new school. Overall I thought the ceremony was wonderful and the enthusiasm shown by the students can only mean the future is bright for our new school and our community as a whole. 

Congratulations to the students and staff at Holy Trinity Elementary and good luck.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jerry Byrne for St. John's East

I attended the kickoff to Jerry Byrne's campaign tonight at his headquarters and was impressed by his address to the crowd.  I am supporting Jerry in this election and will be working to try and help him get elected.  Mr. Byrne gave a very well received speech and outlined his intentions once he is elected to an enthusiastic crowd.

I won't quote him on anything as I was not taking notes but he spoke about the fact that Canada and Newfoundland in particular weathered the storm of the recent recession while many other western countries including the United States, Ireland and most of the European Union suffered greatly.  This is a fact that can not be overlooked despite stories to the contrary being presented by the Liberals and NDP.  It has been sound fiscal policies that has enabled our country to avoid the financial disasters experienced in many countries in the world.

It is my opinion that many of the policies put forward by the Conservative government were overall good for Canada.  That is not to say that I agree with everything that they have done but the overall strategy seems to have it's desired effect, we have weathered the storm and managed to sustain growth economically while other jurisdictions have faltered.

I know many people still have their reservations about the Federal Conservative Party and Mr. Harper in particular but I think it is time for the residents of St Johns' East to get back in caucus and possibly Cabinet in the next government.  I believe it is a forgone conclusion that the Conservatives are going to win this election and we deserve to have a strong representative sitting at that table.

For me, it is about more that just having a representative in government as I am a firm believer of voting for the best candidate and in my humble opinion that is Mr. Byrne.  He has a proven track record in business and is a lifelong member of our community and is in touch with the issues that matter to families.  He has the tools necessary to help him succeed on our behalf in Ottawa.

Last election I was pretty torn because I have pretty much been a lifelong conservative and my political beliefs aligned with the Progressive Conservative Party.  That is I am a fiscal conservative and socially Liberal which in my opinion you need to be to govern in this country.  Because of the ABC campaign waged by Premier Williams in the last election many traditional conservative voters were torn about what to do.  Many like myself  supported Mr. Williams and followed his lead and either voted for another candidate or simply stayed home.  The problem in the last election was the Conservatives or Liberals didn't present us with a strong enough candidate and the NDP got it's foot in the door of our riding.

I am hoping that this is an anomaly and Jack Harris is sent packing, not because Mr. Harris is not a good man but because the policies of the New Democratic Party of Canada is not what this country needs.  They are far to socialist and believe the government should look after you from the cradle to the grave.  In a riding such as ours where family income is above average and prosperity seems to be pretty high the only thing the NDP will do for us is empty our pockets.  They talk about so many social programs in the platform but they never mention where the money is going to come from but we all know, it will come from the increased taxes on us; the middle class.  Not to mention Jack Layton has a mustache, I never trust a politician with a mustache, you can never really tell if the words he is saying are really coming from his lips LOL.  Think about it, when was the last time you saw a world leader with a mustache?  I bet most of them are either dictators or communists, not that I am calling Layton a communist or dictator, it is just a coincidence that he has one and those are the only other leaders I could find.

Over the past few years I am finding that the Conservative Party of Canada has moved to the left on some social issues while retaining the fiscal restraint that is required to help families prosper.  I like the fact that they finally spent money on our military for much needed equipment and have a clear plan for replacing the old outdated artifacts our men and women are using now.  The Liberal Government sent our soldiers to places like Afghanistan without the basic equipment that was needed to help them do their jobs and keep them safe but the only thing you will ever hear Jack Harris and Jack Layton do is criticize our soldiers and practically accuse them of being war criminals.  They talk about human rights and womens rights but when the chips and down and our country is called to action they all of a sudden abandon those supposed values that hold so dear...unless of course those people are Taliban that happened to have a rough night in a holding cell, then they are out for blood, our blood.

Anyway, I will never tell someone how to vote as that is each individuals right and privilege.  However I would say this, please go out and vote on election day and make an informed decision about where to place your X.  Do the research and compare how each party aligns to your own values and beliefs and don't get fooled by rhetoric and electioneering.  Vote for a candidate and don't let it end there. Hold them to account for the decisions that make and make sure they understand who it is that is putting their trust in them to work on our behalf.

In my opinion that candidate is Jerry Byrne and I look forward to campaigning for him and hope that many of you have the same idea.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fundraiser for our Softball Team

Hi Everyone, if you like poker and are interested in supporting our softball team and possibly winning a few dollars please come by and take part in our annual Texas Holdem Tournament.