Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jack Harris allowed to Address Council Prior to Meeting.

I was reading the council minutes of April 4th and noticed this little snippet from the beginning of the meeting.

Mr.  Jack Harris, MP, St. John’s East, was  in attendance at  the  beginning of meeting.   He introduced himself and expressed his appreciation of support the last time he ran; he hoped he represented everyone well in Ottawa.  He expressed his support of various projects/work; and, he left his card and advised that if anyone had any questions to contact him.  
 I can't help but wonder if this is appropriate. When I read this it gives me the impression that our Council may have endorsed Mr Harris in the last election, which I am sure is not the case but it is interesting. Also who ever wrote the minutes should not have referred to him as the MP for St John's East as currently he is not the MP as Parliament has been dissolved and there is an election under way. He is a candidate for election and to me this appears to be suspect that he used the council chambers of out town to basically give a campaign appearance.

I know that I may have a bias here because I support Jerry Byrne but it is the principal of the thing that gets me. Why be allowed to use our council chamber to do a campaign stop. If he wanted to stand out side in the parking lot and greet people as they came in he can fill his boots.

I think I will send a letter to council and ask why they allowed this.

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