Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Pictures of Newfoundland and Torbay

These are some pictures I received by email from a lady in Ontario that reads my blog. I believe that they are pictures that she got from her husbands grandfather. Anyway I thought I would share them.

I don't know where this one is but if anyone has an idea that would be great, it looks familiar to me but I can't be sure. Kind of looks like Pouch Cove.

This one is the Anglican Church in Torbay, that is pretty clear.

Newfoundland Hotel

This looks like it was taken from Middle Cove

Not sure where this is

I am pretty sure this is Pouch Cove


Flatrock I think



Not sure where this photo was taken, may have been in the old convent

 Another picture of the airport

Not sure where this one is either

If anyone knows anything about these pictures please let me know, thanks


  1. Craig,

    I wonder if the one with the waterfall is over on North Side off the main road?

  2. It kind of looks familiar to me, I think it is a picture taken along one of the is too high to be the falls on North Side Hill.

  3. Craig the 1944 Christmas parties definitely weren't in the convent but could have been in the Old Church hall on the corner of Torbay Rd and Marine drive where the cemetary is.

    1. I didn't even know there was a hall there, I guess it could have been at Liddy's. That is the fun part about these old pictures, you just never know.


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