Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry to Hear About Jack Layton

I was sorry to hear about Mr. Layton this morning. I may not have agreed with his politics but I respected the man and his conviction. Out of all the federal leaders he was the one who really stood up for his principles and what he thought was best for the Canadian people. I had an opportunity to meet him twice when I lived in Ottawa and he was extremely pleasant and seemed really down to earth.

There has been a huge void left in the Canadian political spectrum that may never be filled as well as he did it.

May God bless your family and may you rest in peace.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paddy Daly New Open Line Host How Do You Like Him?

I don't know how many of you listen to Open Line, Back Talk or Night Line but I suspect that is it a good few people. I have been listening to those shows for years now and one thing always struck me as annoying is how wish washy the host have always been.

They never seem to take a stand one way or the other on an issue or ever call it like it is when it comes to the callers calling in. I don't know why they feel they need to be neutral, these are not news shows after all and are entirely based on opinions of the host and the callers calling in.

That is why I am beginning to like Mr Paddy Daly more and more each time I hear him. He is not afraid to take a stand on an issue and will point out when a caller states something that is so obviously false or ridiculous and call them on it. 

I have heard on other shows people calling in and saying stuff that is so utterly stupid and foolish and the host just says something like "that is very interesting caller, certainly a different point of view, lets see if someone else has a similar opinion, Bye Bye"

Come on, nobody is going to have a similar view unless they are as crazy and paranoid at that last person and I must admit just when I think it couldn't get any worse someone else calls in and basically blows the last person out of the water for weirdness, I guess it is entertaining.

The impression I get from Paddy and certainly I could be wrong but I find he has some integrity when it comes to responding to callers and issues. He is not simply going to let ridiculous, foolish and unfounded statements go unchallenged. Seems to me he is willing to dig a little deeper to a certain degree and put his own opinion into the conversation which is something I think is sadly lacking in Newfoundland Talk Radio.

I am hoping for a more enlightened and truthful talk radio experience from Paddy than we have seen in the past from other hosts. Hopefully the wish washy execs down at VOCM don't try and reign him in and shut him up before he really reaches his potential. The truthfulness of his commentary is refreshing to me and I am hoping he can become even more hard edged. I have fond memories of listening to Lowell Green on talk radio in Ottawa for years and I would love for someone to deliver his style of radio to the listeners of Newfoundland and Labrador. I don't think we are quite ready down here for a personality like Lowell Green because he is a bit too extreme for the masses here.

It is going to be interesting over the next little while to see how Paddy does but I am hoping that he will be successful and change the landscape of talk radio for years to come. Good Luck Paddy

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Curbside Recycling Program Starting Soon

Although it has been delayed the Torbay Curbside Recycling Program is set to start on September 12. I have to say that this is great news and something I have been hoping that the town would adopt. I was a bit disappointed when all the other towns on the North East Avalon had programs in place while there was still little action on it in Torbay. One could expect that it would be harder to put in place as our town is bigger that our neighboring communities.

Regardless of when it starts it is better to have this program that not to have it. It really drives me nuts when I look at all the stuff that gets thrown in the trash around here and dumped in the landfill. Speaking of which Landfills are something else that drives me crazy, everyone talks about climate change and CO2 gas but you rarely hear them talk about Methane which is 21 times more effective for retaining infrared radiation from escaping the planet. Basically that means for the same amount of methane as CO2 it is 21 times more harmful in regards to climate change, that is a really rudimentary comparison but I am not a scientist.

I would like to see our Provincial Government do something about the use of landfills and come up with some new and innovative ways to reduce their use but it seems our provincial government and the City of St John's have no vision when it comes to this sort of thing. There are ways to harness the methane gasses produced in landfills and convert it to energy to be used in homes.

In Ottawa right now that have a plant running at one of their landfills that converts their solid wastes into electricity and an inert slag that is used commercially in construction projects. Basically they are turning their garbage into something useful and reducing the footprint of that landfill and helping the environment.

A plant like this could pretty much reduce our need for landfills to nothing and produce enough electricity to power thousands of homes in a cost effective way. Check out this link and see for yourself how things can be different. Zero Waste Ottawa

Regardless of what our provincial government decides to do in the long term with relation to recycling and waste management in general we should all participate in the program that our town is putting in place for the good of the environment and also to make the program cost effective for the town.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Touched a Few Nerves I Guess?

Wow, it seems that the fine people of Torbay who don't like what I have to say certainly take it to heart. I just wish that when you comment on my blog you would attach your name to it instead of being a coward and hiding behind an anonymous post. Everyone knows who I am and I am not afraid to say how I think things are and if you don't agree with me that is fine, we will differ on opinions.

Anyone who comes on this blog and calls me a Dummy is really doing a disservice to themselves and their arguments and anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am no dummy.

Lets see where to begin addressing some of the wise comments left by the courageous anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

Craig Get yourself involved in a volunteer group. Then maybe you could shoot off your mouth and know the rights and wrongs of what you talk about. Ever hear of grants that are used not as council sees fit but what is was applied for.

Yes I have heard of those and usually they come along with a 90% - 10% formula where the Town pays 10% and the Province pays 90%. If our Provincial Government gives our Town $200,000.00 so we can hire a band for a single concert they should all have their heads examined.

Our Council needs to be using out tax dollars for what they should be used for and that is fixing our roads and getting better water and sewer and providing services for our residents, maybe a swimming pool or even a facility where someone who was maybe having a function like a wedding could have it in Torbay instead of spending their money in other communities.

Anonymous said...

Craig Scott you are some smart there buddy.not.Open your eyes and not your gobb,Torbay is doin just fine before your two cents.YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG DUMMY.
I shouldn't even dignify you with an answer but I will. Your right everything is perfect, we should all just shut up pay our 2500 or 3000 in taxes and sit back and relax.

Anonymous said...

 Actually I happen to believe that it is a good thing to point out things that are wrong. I guess good is in the eyes of the beholder. One thing is certain no matter what I have to say I always put my name on it and don't hide my opinions.

Anonymous said...

I have been here longer than Craig has been born...Great place, great people .I don;t give a shit about your rose glasses . Go back where you came from .....
Well first of all, I was only born once so I have no idea what you are talking about. As for go back where I came from? What are you some kind of bigot or something? One statement you say how wonderful the place and people are then you make a statement like that? I am from Torbay so I guess I am where I came from!

Anonymous said...

You're complaining that a candidate is going to community events!? There's a thing called accessibility, it's very important in a democracy
Actually the election has not been called yet and I am not even sure it is legal to be passing out campaign style literature that far before the election. Also I am not an NDP supporter and will most likely be campaigning against Geoff. I have nothing against the man, I like him but we just disagree on the political spectrum and I am sure neither of us will take it personally, he is a stand up guy.

Anonymous said...

negative Craig ......lets enjoy G.B SEA
How much would you pay for a ticket? I would pay maybe $30 bucks but at that price there is no way we would break even.

Anonymous said...

Why are people mad at Mr scott he is so smart and good we all should be like him.
Finally someone said something sensible LOL


Anyway, I have no idea why people get so bent out of shape and have to attack me. I don't mind really, because someone has to support those people on council who would make such a frivolous expenditure or else they wouldn't be elected.

I just wish you cowards had the guts to put your name of the comments you make.....

Take Care

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great Big Waste of Money

Well I haven't been blogging in a while although I do thank all those people I have been talking to lately who tell me they read my blog on a regular basis.

However when I saw the story today in the North East Avalon Times about our council voting unanimously to look into spending $200,000.00 to have Great Big Sea play a concert in Torbay to commemorate the towns 40th anniversary. Well I just about flipped! 

I had just finished reading a story about how council is pissed because we didn't get funding for a new fire truck for the Torbay Volunteer Fire Department. The mayor sounded as though the equipment we have now is barely working when he describes the state of the three pumpers, this is from and article in the North East Avalon Times.
"Right now we have three pumpers in name only, " Codner said, explaining the 1974 pumper is in working condition, but was supposed to come out of service in 2007. A 1997 pumper truck has electrical problems and does not always start. The town's 2007 vehicle which it shares with Flatrock, "well at least it starts, " Codner says
Anyway that story goes on to talk about all the new problems and accidents we are going to have when the so called by-pass road opens so we really need a new truck.  I though to myself that the mayor has a good point and maybe we do need some new equipment. Coincidentally the amount of money that Pouch Cove got from the province for their new fire truck is $200,000.00

So here is my suggestion to the Mayor, take the $200,000.00 you want to spend on a concert and buy a God damn fire truck out of it or at least fix the electrical problems on the one we do have. Something that will benefit the entire town for years to come instead of a few people for a couple of hours.

How many times does this bone head council need to get kicked in the head before they realize that it hurts? From all the comments I have heard from people they thought the Hill Side Festival this year was a bust. I agree that the weather wasn't the best as I can attest to as I froze my but off with the family to take in the Masterless Men concert on the final Sunday. That doesn't excuse the turnout for the concert at Jack Byrne Area the prior week, I was told there was a setup there for 400 people and less that 100 showed up.

But don't worry, council says that for Great Big Sea the tickets will be sold ahead of time. What the hell does that mean? Because they will be sold ahead of time we can cancel the show if it doesn't sell like they think they will? How much will that cost to cancel that band and try and get another one at the last minute?

But that is OK, the tickets will be sold in advance, that's right, for $200,000.00 we are going to have Great Big Sea and we will sell the tickets ahead of time. I wonder how much they are going to sell the tickets for? By my calculations if every person in Torbay went to the concert, roughly 7000 people we would have to sell tickets for around $29. That is if we squeezed 7000 people into some field in Torbay somewhere which is highly unlikely. Judging from past experiences in our town for this type of event we may be looking at 500 people max, that would increase the ticket price to a cool $400 a piece just to pay the band. Say we really had a huge turnout and had a 1000 people there we are still looking at $200 a ticket to go see Great Big Sea.

WOW! is all I can say to that. I have seen Great Big Sea in Concert maybe 20 times over the last 20 or so years and I don't think I have ever paid over $30 to see them and that was on the high side. I would never pay 200 or 100, I might pay $50 if it included my wife and two kids.

If our councilors go down this path and spend that kind of money to have a concert that clearly for that price is a pipe dream, then the people should take notice and kick every one of their asses to the curb next election. Ideally the entire council would resign and have their heads examined. They want the committee to look into it? I have your committee right here........Don't do it because we can't afford it, the numbers just don't add up.

$200,000.00 can buy an awful lot in a town like ours. The Mayor is always talking about sewage treatment and the fact that we are maxed out on our water supply and how we need to address those needs. Well that $200,000.00 when used in conjunction with the 90% - 10% funding formula with the provincial government can ad up to a $2 Million dollar project. I know that is a pretty generalized scenario but that funding formula does exist and could help us with some badly needed projects.

On Sunday I was in Logy Bay - Middle Cove - Outer Cove for their festival of Friends. The entertainment was great, two of the best Newfoundland bands on the go right now The Navigators and Shannyganock played back to back and they were great. I am sure you could get the both of them and a few other acts to play in Torbay for a lot less that $200,000 and still possibly be able to get the friggin fire truck electrical problems fixed.

Oh, on a side note, I thought it was cute how Geoff Gallant was going around at Liddy's Kitchen Party giving out his little orange NDP cards and wished him luck. However after seeing him schilling for votes at the Hill Side Festival, then at the Flatrock Soiree (with Lorraine Michael in tow) and then again at the Festival of Friends in Logy Bay it is just too much for me. I am not alone in this as many people have commented on it is getting on their nerves but I commend him for jumping into the ring and taking on our sitting member Mr Kevin Parsons even though I think it is extremely unlikely for him to win.

Like I told Geoff, I won't be voting for him and I will be campaigning against him but I wish him luck.

Anyway, thats all for now, take care :)