Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Found Out We Have a Liberal Candidate

I guess the Liberals are pulling out all the stops and making sure they have a name on the ballot for the election. The candidate that they have running is Joy Buckle and if that name sounds familiar it is because she is the same person that stepped up to run against David Brazil in a by-election last November in Conception Bay East-Bell Island. I guess that is part of her job as a Liberal staffer to run around and run in seats where the Liberals have no one else interested. I say this much for her, she is a dedicated party loyalist.

I guess they did the same thing in Mount Pearl North. A man named Phillip Mullins who sent a tweet this morning expressing interest in running in the seat. 
"So [apparently] there is a liberal candidate opening in my riding. I just sent an email seeing if they'd consider me. Wow. lol."
By the afternoon he was officially the candidate. WOW is right. That is how easy it is to become a Liberal candidate in this election. Just send off an email and voila your name is on the ballot. Really how much checking out of this guy could they have done? He could have been a nut job who was just out for a few kicks and they are just going to put him on the ballot?

Obviously the guy couldn't have been very serious considering he withdrew from the seat during the debate, or maybe he watched the Leader he was supposed to be running for and couldn't get away from him fast enough LOL. 

I wonder will our freshly deposited Liberal candidate will do the same thing? 

Found Another Video, This One For Recruiting Business

I have been trying to find the minutes on the Torbay website, which is horrible to navigate by the way, and came across this video as well. I wonder when they will start airing on CBC and NTV?

Found this Great Video on Town Website

I found this video about Torbay on the town website and I think it is actually quite good. It shows a lot of the features that make our town beautiful and a great place to live. Seems to be very well done and I wonder what the plans are for that video. How is it going to be used to promote the town? Must have cost a good dollar to get that made and it seems fitting that we would use it to advertise and promote the town. I wonder if it is something that was done in anticipation of the big anniversary coming up.

Anyway, take a look and see what you think.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Finished Watching The Leaders Debate

Had to record it and watch it late as I was gone to Karate with my son but it was somewhat informative. The first thing I learned is that it is no wonder that we don't have a Liberal candidate running in our district. The leader of the Liberals was by far the worst of the leaders on that debate.

He must think we are all a bunch of idiots when he says he is going to maintain the service of the Coast Guard office here. The Premier rightly pointed out when she asked him how he was going to direct and control Federal Government ships. Of course he had no answer because he is just trying to play up to the sentiments of the people in rural Newfoundland. He must think they are a bunch of idiots too if they will believe any of the stuff coming out of his mouth. I kind of feel sorry for the Liberal voters in our area that they have no candidate. If they did, how could they ever support Kevin Aylward. Yvonne Jones was twice the leader he is, at least she seemed to know what she was talking about. 

Lorraine Michael was her usual well spoken self and displayed her passion for the issues that are close to her heart. She is an advocate for increased social programs and that plays well among her constituents, but she is short on details on how she could ever pay for what she wants to do. I guess that is the advantage of knowing you will not form government is that you can pretty much promise the world, with no fear of ever having to implement it. The Liberals are actually in the same boat.

I liked what the Premier had to say and the direction that the Progressive Conservatives have been leading our province in the last 8 years and it bodes well for the next 4. They have proven to be responsible when it comes to the public purse even though spending has increased a lot they have managed at the same time to run surpluses and pay down our debt. 

We have seen a lot of government investment in our area over the last number of years, and despite the fact that we have been inconvenienced by the construction that has been going on, I think it is just short term pain for long term gain. We have a new school, a commitment for another school in our area, a new bypass road which has it's benefits and disadvantages as we all know and a pile of other road work getting done every day.

I can't help but thank Kevin Parsons for all his hard work the past few years. Now that he has his feet wet and gained valuable experience about the workings of government I am sure he is up to the challenge to advocate on our behalf even more. I am looking forward to election day and sending him back to the House of Assembly to serve as our MHA for another 4 years.

Town of Torbay Proclaims World Breastfeeding Week

I got this story from VOCM and thought it was interesting 

The town of Torbay boasts the highest rate of new mothers who breastfeed in the province, and has been the first to officially proclaim next week, World Breastfeeding Week. 81 per cent of new mothers in Torbay breastfeed their babies. A number of moms and their babies, as well as representatives of Eastern Health, were on hand for the proclamation signing Tuesday at Torbay Town Hall.

Election Campaign Going Well

I was speaking to Kevin Parsons last night and he tells me that the response he is getting at the doors is amazing. He says that the support he is receiving from the voters is overwhelming and he really appreciates it. That hasn't stopped him though from going out and pounding the pavement every night to talk to as many people he can and hear their concerns face to face.

One thing for sure Mr. Parsons is not taking this election for granted. I have been told by many people he is working just as hard right now trying to get reelected as he has worked for us over the past 3 years that he has been our MHA. It is reassuring to see a person work for what they get and not just sit back when factors seem to be in their favor.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few Thoughts About Torbay Council And Blogging In General

I have had some comments to a few of my posts that seem a bit overboard to me and just thought I would address one of them at least.
"I think the whole Torbay council needs to be wiped out and new people with new ideas brought on board." Anonymous up there commented that the Torbay council needs to be completely replaced. Sure! What a fabulous idea! Now who do you suppose would be willing to step up to the plate to take on what is virtually a thankless task? How many hours do you suppose they put into being on Council? It's certainly not just those couple of hours of monthly meetings that you hear about. Like being a teacher, there's a lot of work behind the scenes that we don't see or hear about. Please! Find us a whole tableful of replacement Councillors and a whole new Mayor, too! Then sit back while somebody takes swipes at the new kids, complaining about what a piss poor job they're doing and how they don't know what they're talking about, ad nauseum. Public office is not for the faint of heart. Being a good public servant requires more than just putting your face out there. I'm not saying the kids on this on Great Big Waste of Money
You see here is where things get out of hand. First of all I have never once suggested that the entire council or even one member should be replaced. Commenting on the on-goings at council whether you agree with a particular issues or not is a long way from calling for the banishment of the entire council.

I have been following municipal politics pretty closely for about 12 years now; and provincial and federal even longer than that. The fact that you differ on an issue or two doesn't mean that you are against everything that a person, Councillor, MP or MHA does.

People who run for public office deserve admiration and respect for taking on such a daunting role. Someone is always going to oppose you on some issue because you will never make everyone happy. These people work hard and put in a lot of hours to serve their community.

Municipal politicians have the hardest job in my opinion because they are the level of government closest to the people. The decisions they make at council and the policies they pursue effect the population more directly and personally then other levels of government. Add to this the fact that many of the decisions they make effect people they know personally, family members, neighbours and friends. This is an added burden that puts an extreme amount of pressure on a Councillor when it comes time to vote on a particular issue. When you add these circumstances and consider the amount of pay a municipal Councillor or Mayor gets then it is painfully obvious that it is by far one of the most difficult jobs in public service.

People have criticized me and personally attacked me because I have pointed out issues that I don't agree with. I have a right to express my opinion on various decisions of council as a whole of even an individual Councillor if I want to. There is nothing personal to it, as they have chosen to represent the people in public office and the public have a right to question and criticize when they feel the need. 

It is pretty bad that I had to disable Anonymous commenting because of a few people who have nothing better to do then attack me personally and be very hateful. I have no problem with criticism and I usually answer each one with my position. This is evident by the fact that I published a lot of those useless comments, I didn't just delete them and hide them. I think it is important that people get a chance to state their point of view and if they want to use my blog to that that all the better. Differing opinions is what makes politics interesting and advances debate and various issues. It is enjoyable and improves the conversation and gives me and anyone who may read the thread, different perspectives on an issue that they may have never thought of before.

If anyone has a story or issues that they would really like to talk about I would be glad to post your thoughts as an entire post, you could email me it and I will publish it. I would love it if my little website had differing opinions and views from other people. Feel free to contact me and I will certainly entertain the idea. My goal with this website is to try and inform people of the goings on in our town. It is certainly opinionated and subject to my personal views but that is how a blog like this works. The same would be said for any other poster who would like to post on my blog.

I know there are a lot of people out there who have strong opinions on various topics of public interest and I would love to have them contribute to my blog. The more differing views we can generate the broader reader audience would be attracted and more issues can be discussed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Got Back From Kevin Parsons' Campaign Office Opening

It was a pretty impressive turnout. He certainly seems to have a pretty good team in place to start pounding the pavement in this election. Was nice to see a bunch of people I don't frequently run in to and say hello. Although I would prefer it if his office was in Torbay this is a good location, especially with all the Torbay traffic using Logy Bay Road these days to avoid construction delays. Anyway it doesn't matter where it is as long as people know where to get a hold of Kevin.

Kevin Parsons' Campaign Headquarters Opening Today

Well I guess the election is really starting to get underway. Kevin is having the official opening of his campaign headquarters this evening at 6:30. The office is located at 642 Logy Bay Road according to Kevin's Facebook site everyone is welcome.

This would be a great opportunity to stop by and ask Kevin some questions regarding our riding. From my experience with Kevin he is always willing to answer questions and if he doesn't have the answers he will try and get them.

There have been lots of announcements lately and that is a sure sign of an election coming and people are always a bit cynical when funding is announced on the eve of an election. In my opinion if it takes an election for the government to spend money then we should have more elections.

With this in mind I don't think we can complain about the amount of money that has been spent in our district over the past four years. Everywhere we look there is new investment by the government in our area and hopefully that is going to continue. I am confident that with Kevin as our MHA he will continue to lobby for funds to be spent in our area and as a member of the government he stands the best chance of getting it.

Personally I would like to see Kevin get a cabinet post. Considering how hard he works on behalf of his constituents I am sure he would bring a lot to the table in that capacity.

I will be sure to check out his headquarters tonight and I will be equipped with a couple of questions I would like to get answered. First and foremost on my mind is when will the bypass road be open. I heard Mayor Codner on the news saying that it will be late this year maybe early in the new year. That makes absolutely no sense to me considering the road is basically ready, the pavement is on, the guard rail is pretty much finished and the last hurdle would be the traffic lights. I can't see why that road should not be open by the end of September.

One thing for sure in this election is that Kevin will have a formidable opponent in Geoff Gallant the NDP candidate. Geoff is pretty well known in Torbay and had an impressive vote total in the last municipal election. He is in all likelihood going to run a strong campaign so anyone who supports Kevin should work hard if they want him reelected, don't take anything for granted. Personally I don't believe the election will be close but you never know.

Anyway, good luck to Geoff and Kevin. For those of us who support Kevin need to get out and show our support and do everything we can to put him back in the House of Assembly and in the Government.

Curbside Recycling Starts Today

Well today is the day that we can finally start putting our recycling on the curb and stop sending so much recyclable materials to the dump. This has been a long time coming but the Town of Torbay has certainly done the right thing here and the council should be commended.

Recycling has become a way of life for so many people and it is encouraging to see that our town is taking it seriously. I know that some councilors have been pushing for this for some time and I am sure they are happy that it is finally in place.

The schedule for pickup and the materials that you can put in the blue recycling bags is listed on the towm website and you should go and take a look. There seems to be a lot more items on the allowable list than what we usually take to the recycling depot on our own. Generally the most common item to recycle is plastic bottles and aluminum cans, however it is nice to see papers and other items that usually get burned in peoples back yard barrels added to the list.

Here is the link to the calendar and the list of items.