Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Finished Watching The Leaders Debate

Had to record it and watch it late as I was gone to Karate with my son but it was somewhat informative. The first thing I learned is that it is no wonder that we don't have a Liberal candidate running in our district. The leader of the Liberals was by far the worst of the leaders on that debate.

He must think we are all a bunch of idiots when he says he is going to maintain the service of the Coast Guard office here. The Premier rightly pointed out when she asked him how he was going to direct and control Federal Government ships. Of course he had no answer because he is just trying to play up to the sentiments of the people in rural Newfoundland. He must think they are a bunch of idiots too if they will believe any of the stuff coming out of his mouth. I kind of feel sorry for the Liberal voters in our area that they have no candidate. If they did, how could they ever support Kevin Aylward. Yvonne Jones was twice the leader he is, at least she seemed to know what she was talking about. 

Lorraine Michael was her usual well spoken self and displayed her passion for the issues that are close to her heart. She is an advocate for increased social programs and that plays well among her constituents, but she is short on details on how she could ever pay for what she wants to do. I guess that is the advantage of knowing you will not form government is that you can pretty much promise the world, with no fear of ever having to implement it. The Liberals are actually in the same boat.

I liked what the Premier had to say and the direction that the Progressive Conservatives have been leading our province in the last 8 years and it bodes well for the next 4. They have proven to be responsible when it comes to the public purse even though spending has increased a lot they have managed at the same time to run surpluses and pay down our debt. 

We have seen a lot of government investment in our area over the last number of years, and despite the fact that we have been inconvenienced by the construction that has been going on, I think it is just short term pain for long term gain. We have a new school, a commitment for another school in our area, a new bypass road which has it's benefits and disadvantages as we all know and a pile of other road work getting done every day.

I can't help but thank Kevin Parsons for all his hard work the past few years. Now that he has his feet wet and gained valuable experience about the workings of government I am sure he is up to the challenge to advocate on our behalf even more. I am looking forward to election day and sending him back to the House of Assembly to serve as our MHA for another 4 years.

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