Monday, January 30, 2012

Eastern School District Advises Parents Of Possible Cafeteria Disruption

The unionized workers of CUPE Local 4885 have voted 93% in favor of strike action and we may see a disruption in our schools. These cafeteria workers are not employees of the school board but a private company called Chartwells. According to the Eastern School District website Holy Trinity High School is among the 42 schools that will be effected if the workers go out on strike.

The earliest that the workers can go out is February 3rd and the school board says they will try and give parents as much notice as possible. In the even of a strike parents and students will have to make arrangements for the students to bring their lunch to school and they will be permitted to use the cafeteria despite the kitchen not being open.

Most likely there will be picket lines at the school but hopefully the workers have enough respect for the safety and education of the students that they won't make it difficult for parents to drop the kids off. The school board have advised that they will be sending out messages on their website, twitter and local schools may call parents if the need arises in the event of a work stoppage.

Click to view the Eastern School District Document

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