Monday, February 20, 2012

Snowscuff 2012 Big Success

Well according to everyone I have talked to they were delighted with the show the other night and it was a big success. I guess it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that it would be good considering The Navigators are one of the best bands around and the price for the tickets was very reasonable.

That is what happens when you have a show with a band that people wan to see at a price that doesn't make them run away. I hope the Torbay Hillside Festival crowd keep that in mind this summer when they are planning the festivities.

I liked the Hillside Festival last year and I felt bad for the organizers when the weather didn't really cooperate and kind of made things difficult on Sunday. With that in mind though I think the town may have lost a pile of money on that festival considering the opening night flop that they held at the Jack Byrne Arena.

I know that organizing an event that takes place over 9 days from start to finish can't be easy. Maybe that is part of the problem, maybe it is too long and drawn out I don't know. All I do know is that I went to all the local festivals last year in our area and I saw more people from Torbay in Outer Cove and Flatrock than I saw at the Torbay events. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Hopefully this summer the residents of Torbay rally behind the events that will be held surrounding the Torbay 250 celebrations and if you don't know what is going on check out their web page Torbay250

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