Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Torbay 250 Great Big Sea is a go!

At the Torbay council meeting tonight a motion was passed to approve approximately 113,000 dollars to pay Great Big Sea for the concert at Upper Three Corner Pond Park this summer. There is going to be an official launch of the Torbay 250 celebrations this Friday at the Kinsmen Centre and Lieut.-Colonel William Amherst himself is going to be making an appearance. Well at least someone dressed up like him and according to Councillor Tapper the town has secured an authentic replica uniform from Nova Scotia for the event.

For more on the Recapture of St. John's and Colonel Amherst check out this link

Anyway I wonder if the good colonel had come ashore in Torbay under current conditions would he be able to recapture St. John's? Certainly his element of surprise on the French would be gone because they would smell the shit off him from the sewage running into Torbay bight before he reached Signal Hill. He would have had to hope for a favorable wind to disguise his approach to have any chance.

This Great Big Concert has been a cause of concern for me and others ever since we got wind of it a few months ago. It isn't just the financial part of it that bothers me but the potential traffic and crowd control that is going to come along with it. This concert final price tag is certainly going to be quite a bit higher that simply the  cost of the band considering all the plans they have.

There is not going to be any parking available at the ball field or on the Bauline Line so how are we going to get the 5000 + people that council is hoping is going to be attending the concert. That is right I said 5000+ people crammed into that soccer field with no parking in walking distance. The plan as I understand it is to shuttle everyone to the concert grounds and try and cut down on the amount of traffic in the town.

Personally I think this concert is going to be a big flop and I hope I am wrong because ticket sales will ultimately determine if this concert is a financial success or a big tax bill for the residents of our town. The town has already secured $55,000 in a grant to help pay for this and they are hoping that other government funding and sponsorship's will pay for most of the concert....I hope they are right because it is not only this concert we have going on but a multitude of events all through the year.

People have voiced concerns to me about traffic and crowd control and also security. Not to mention all the money we have put into that soccer field is going to be a waste once it gets trampled and torn up for one event. Where are the kids supposed to play soccer after the concert if the sods are destroyed, hopefully we don't have rain that day or the damage will be a lot worse.

I have also heard people suggest that they are worried about the grave yard across the street being vandalized. Councillor Tapper assured me that measures are going to be in place to control traffic and prevent people from parking on the road and from vandalizing the field and I would assume the graveyard even though I didn't specifically ask him about that. These are all valid concerns and I have no idea if the town has taken all this into account during their planning or not. I have to believe that they did because it would be a total disaster if they haven't.

Ok everyone the tickets are going on sale soon and I think they are $31 in advance and around $42 or something like that at the gate. You had better get out early and get them because there are only enough tickets for every adult in the town and you know they are going to sold out in a hurry......we hope.


  1. Financial concern
    Traffic issues
    Crowd control
    Big Flop
    Big tax bill
    Security issues
    Trampled and torn soceer field
    No place for kids to play
    Graveyard vandalized
    Rainy day

    I just don't know how the town, the province for that matter, manages without you. If the good Colonel came onshore today and read your blog, he'd would quickly jump back on board his ship and head back across the Atlantic...Your negativity and sarcasm leave little to be desired..What kind of credit do you give to the people of Torbay? You make them sound like a bunch of hooligans who have no respect for their town, themselves, even their graveyards...I personaly can't wait for the concert...and when I come to Torbay that day, I'll take the transit to the field, obey the security, pick up my litter, promise to not vandalize the graves or the soceer fields, make sure I wear my golashes and sou'wester..AND....I'll have a rockin' should try it!! You might even have fun!.just saying

    1. I agree, its going to be a great concert, and I hope there will be a park and ride, if not Torbay has two taxi services in the town

  2. I don't know what you are talking about with the negativity and sarcasm. I don't think it is negative to point out the potential problems associated with this concert on the Bauline Line.

    There was a concert in there last summer or the summer before on the softball field and the condition of the field afterwards was not that great. There was a huge area in left field where someone dumped what looked like a bucket of cooking oil all over the grass. It was dangerous afterwards and destroyed that portion of the grass.

    The traffic that day was brutal and the total people at that concert was in the hundreds not thousands.

    As for giving credit to the people of Torbay, I never said it was going to be the people of Torbay specifically who would cause problems. In fact for damage to happen to the field nobody has to do anything wrong. I just think that a concert that size is too big for the facility.

    As for the sarcasm related to Amherst, certainly it was a sarcastic comment but it is ever so true. It is 2012 and our town is pumping raw sewage into our beach which has been closed for what seems like years now.

    By all means come and enjoy the concert and have a great time. Not all people are going to do as you do and obey the rules, I just hope that a majority do and we all have a good time.

  3. I Remember Craig growing up in torbay his knows all to well about breaking rules.He must of grown up in Ottawa and we are lucky to have him back shinning a light on all our town does wrong lol......what ever did we do when he was gone.

  4. Yes everyone knows that when I was young I didn't always follow the rules. What does that have to do with a father who is concerned about the potential for an enormous amount of traffic on my street this summer where my kids play?

    As for growing up in Ottawa, what does that have to do with anything? I am not the only person in this town that moved away to work and support my family. You make it seem like it is some big crime to have lived and experienced life outside of the Torbay bubble.

    The fact is that it is my right and responsibility to be engaged in my town just like anyone else. When I see something that worries me or I think is wrong I will point it out.

    People ask me, why do you post comments from people who are critical of you or are just plain insulting. I tell them I post those comments to show how ignorant people are and how they get their back up if you say something they don't agree with. Combine that with the fact that all of those comments are from people who are too cowardly to put their names on them shows just how petty people are.

  5. A resident questioning how his/our tax dollars are spent what is the problem with that.

    1. I guess there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are on the right side of the issue, and I guess that depends on who agrees with you or not.

      It seems that asking questions and having an opinion around here is OK depending on who you are.

  6. I guess for the folks who have grown up in this area and now have their own famailies, its difficult for us to see just how little the services in this town have grown over the years. It's astounding to me that sewage is still bing pumped into our ocean and because of it, we can't even use our own beach.
    I don't disagree with the Torbay 250 celebrations, however after visiting the site it scares me to think of the total cost of all these events. Did we really need all this? Who is paying for it all? That website alone could not have been cheap. Could all that money have been put to better use? How much are we paying for GREAT BIG SEA? These are questions we as responsible residents should all be asking!! Did these celebrations need to be on such a big scale?
    There are many issues in this town that need to be addressed and I just wonder if our money is being spent wisely. Council should be focusing on more bigger priority items.

  7. We should celebrate the fact that we have been around 250 years. I do question some of the activities and the cost.

    For instance it will be difficult for anyone to make the GBS concert a family event. 31 bucks a ticket times 4 for the family of more depending on how many kids you have is a hefty price tag for just one event. Especially if we want to do some of the other events around town over the course of the celebrations.

    I guess this event is meant for people from outside the community primarily considering the anticipated crown is in the 5000 plus range.

  8. I grew up in Torbay as well. I don't live there anymore, but I think its an outrageous price tag for the town/tax payers to be responsible for. Not only does the town have raw sewage running into the bay, my parents who have been tax paying residents for 38 years have still yet to see the water and sewer run past their home. Seems to me that there are alot more things that the town could/should be worrying about other then a GBS concert. I agree with Craig about the damage that can be done, I have worked security for events such as these, and have been involved in the planning stages as well. Without doing any deliberate, destructive damage, the amount of ppl that may be there for the event alone will cause enough damage to the grounds. And how much are the other bands charging? The Trews are an Awesome band, I'm sure they aren't playing for free. The cost of the shuttle(which is obviously all still up in the air because they have nothing posted on their website to allow ppl to make plans around), sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, the cleanup, security, etc... Seems to me like there should have been more time and consideration done in the planning for this one! And I thought another town council further East was out to lunch...Looks like theres a tie for 1st place! Goodluck Tax paying residents of Torbay! Keep up the good blogging Craig!

  9. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    There has been plenty of planning done for this event. It never ceases to amaze me as to how much negativity exists when it comes to the planning of town events.

  10. Brian I don't think people are always negative when it comes to town events. However I think it is a valid concern when we look at some events that have been held in the past that have flopped.

    That Kelly Anne Evans concert at the Jack Byrne Arena was considered a flop by many people who went there. The crowd was small and is indicative of other shows.

    The weather really put a damper on the Hill Side Festival the final evening but still there were not that many people there. I was there and there could not have been more that 200 people in attendance from what I could see.

    Add to that all the confusion around the ticket price and parking issues we are going to have I think people have a right to be concerned. There is a difference between being concerned and negative.

    The fact is that this is possibly the single biggest even that Torbay has attempted to stage and people are concerned. Concerned that no amount of planning can make people buy tickets. Concerned how the weather will effect gate sales. Concerned that we are going to be stuck with a big tax bill because if it, we already got a huge 10% tax hike to help pay for it this year.

  11. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    NOT people mostly Craig,,,,,mr.negative this site should be called.Debbie.

    1. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

      I agree with you, I think it will be a great concert, and people should not be so negative. If tax dollors are increasing, it is because of the extra's like the Jack Byrne Arena, the parks, which are great things for the town, however the more amenities, the more you pay...that goes along with it. I think the mayor and most of the councilers are doing a great job at getting the word out there about the events that is happening in our great town....Keep up the great work, and I hope there will be more concerts in the future... maybe we will be the next Grandfalls(with the Salmon Festival they have every year, it keeps getting better and better)

    2. Yes it has the potential to be a great concert and I am hoping it will. But as for your assertion that taxes need to rise because of all the great stuff we have I have to disagree there.

      Those parks and arena had absolutely nothing to do with the huge tax increase we got this year. When you are trying to be fiscally responsible and respect tax payers you don't increase spending across the board and then ask the tax payers for more money.

      Our taxes should be use first and foremost to provide essential services to the residents and then afterwards if there is money left use it for non essential stuff.

      We have roads that are falling apart, people want side walks and larger town facilities to accommodate our needs. We want to stop polluting our beach and improve our water and sewer services.

      Raising taxes on residents so we can pay a ridiculous amount of money to a band for a concert is NOT what I would consider essential. These activities need to be able to be pretty much self funding or they should not be done with such extravagance.

  12. Debbie, I don't know why you say I am mister negative. I don't think it is particularly to point out things that you may not agree with. That is not being negative. There are a lot of people who are asking questions about what is going on and how our money is being spent, that is not negative, it is responsible. That is a typical response in Torbay, when someone disagrees with or asked questions about something they are labeled negative.

  13. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    I agree debbie I stopped reading the blog for a very long time because of all the negative feedback mister scott is applying

  14. I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I have to say but to write it off as negativity because I say something you don't agree with me is something else entirely. I have no problem debating an issue with people if they would just concentrate on the issue at hand instead of stooping to personal insults and name calling.

    For the record not everything I say is negative, in fact even this story about GBS is not negative. I have actually been trying to promote this concert because now that we are having it I want it to be a success. I have not changed my opinion about it, I still think it is a bad idea but I am willing to support it.

  15. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    I'm not quite sure why when folks ask questions about something around here, that they are automatically tagged with being 'negative'. What is wrong with debating an issue?

    I have lived in many differnt places outside my home province over the years and moved back home two years ago and I don't quite get why some people around here take it so personally when someone questions something or why it is happening. Aren't we living in a democratic society and have the right to express our own opinions? If you don't like it, then don't need to. But you can stand up for what you believe in. Don't attack someone who has the right to ask or even question why things are happening.

    I think our council is very seperated from the people and there should be more public involment in what goes on, especially when it costs big dollars.

    I also did NOT agree with the Great Big Sea concert, but it's too late now to do anything about it and the best we can hope for is that it will be a success and that council won't lose any money on it.

    Keep up the great work Mr. Scott.



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