Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peter The Pariah Penashue

Normally I don't comment on Federal Politics too much in this space but I saw this story on CBC today and I thought I would like to talk about it. I am not sure why I felt the need, maybe it is because I spent some time with a bunch of NDP'ers last Saturday night and they put some kind of Vulcan mind meld on me or some other kind of tactic. Maybe it was a version of the Left Wing Lock commonly employed by the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL where the Left Winger positions himself in such a way to force the opponent into a particular area of the ice. Well in reality it works by forcing the opponent down the right side but for the purposes of this analogy Left Wing Lock fits nicely.

Anyway, enough about that, before you read any farther for the benefit of those like myself who din't know exactly what a Pariah is but for some reason I thought it fit here I took the liberty of looking up a definition.

Pariah - Noun - a person driven out of a group or community; an outcast - example: Because of his political beliefs he became a pariah in the district. 

That definition fits nicely into the image I have of him so I will go with it.

Peter Penashue MP
So, I was reading earlier on CBC that our fearless Conservative Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister, Peter Penashue has been raising a ruckus in the House of Commons. It is over an issue that has him incapacitated and not able to do his job for the good people of Newfoundland and Labrador. In a Point of Privilege he attacked Liberal Leader Bob Rae because Todd Russell's website was still active. Who is Todd Russell you ask, why he is the former Liberal MP for Labrador who Pariah Pete ousted in the last election. Apparently that website which has been dormant could be causing confusion for the Pariah's constituents and they may not know that he is actually their MP. And here I thought the reason he couldn't do his job was that he was simply useless, what a relief to know that isn't the case. For those of you who don't know what Peter looks like because he has been missing in action since the election here is an image of him that I found on the internet.

Well last week in a Facebook comment I referred to our glorious Cabinet Minister as Pied Peter Penashue. This was a reference to the Pied Piper of Hamelin a character from German legend. The earliest references go back to the Middle Ages and describe a piper dressed in multicolored clothing leading the children away from town never to return.

I compared this to how our very own Pied Peter would be coming to Newfoundland and Labrador to pipe up about the amazing achievements of the Harper Conservative Government. You know the closure of the Rescue Centres, the Closure of Radio Outpost throughout the island, the recent changes to the EI Program, the broken promise on Goose Bay. I am sure there are many other wonderful and exciting plans for us on the horizon but you get the idea. Well you know all these changes are designed to create jobs for the people of Canada and I guess especially the good people of Newfoundland and Labrador. So have no fear everyone, now that he has that pesky impediment of Todd Russell's website out of the way we should be hearing more and more from our stalwart MP.

I have no doubt that in the next few weeks if he can ever find his way out from under his desk in Ottawa or maybe it is Harper's desk he is hiding under.....makes no difference. He will be down here piping his song to the masses and leading all us poor unfortunate Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to the promised land of jobs and prosperity. Some he will be leading as per the new EI regulations "up to an hours drive away" for a job, and others he will undoubtedly be taking on a great Canadian adventure to far off lands in Ontario and Alberta to find our fortunes. Never to return just like those poor children were led from Hamelin so many years ago.

In so many ways the comparison between the Pied Piper and Pied Peter the Pariah are uncanny. The Pied Piper of Hamelin was actually from the Middle Ages and Pied Peter and his cohorts govern like they are from or want to push Canada back to the Middle Ages

How regressive is that?

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