Tuesday, November 15, 2016

More Help From RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Charity House For North East Avalon Regional Food Bank

Back in September I was contacted by Kevin Martin and local Torbay real estate agent Michelle Thorne who are both with RE/MAX. They invited me to join them and other agents as they presented a donation of $2500 to the North East Avalon Food Bank. There was a tremendous need at that time as the shelves at the food bank were pretty bare.

If this wasn't generous enough Kevin contacted me again in early November to advise me they were planning on giving another donation to our food bank and also the possibility that they may be in a position to donate turkeys as well for Christmas.

Last week I was invited to come to the food bank along with ten RE/MAX agents to deliver yet another donation and to help pack up some hampers. They generously donated over $1600 worth of fresh fruits, vegetables and badly needed meat products. I was more than happy to attend along with Mayor Tapper to help out and show our support for these agents and the food bank.

As if all this isn't enough RE/MAX Real Estate Charity House has agreed to donate 100 turkeys to our food bank for Christmas. With this in mind I have decided to put a challenge out to our community of Torbay and all the other towns who are serviced by the regional food bank to try and match those 100 turkeys. When I proposed this idea to Kevin to try and leverage their turkey commitment to ask the community to match he was all for it. 

I am making arrangements to have a drop off location set up at the Torbay Town Hall so that people can bring in their turkey there. If you can't donate a turkey the food bank will gladly accept other items especially meat products like ground beef.

Over the past couple of years there has been an increasing demand placed on our regional food bank and more and more people are coming forward looking for help. I am fortunate that currently I am not in need of the food bank to feed my family but hard times can hit anyone. I think it is important for those of us who have the means to donate should to ensure that those members of our communities who have fallen on hard times have somewhere to turn.

In particular I would like to encourage people to please make an extra effort to donate to the food bank during this turkey drive. Sitting around the dinner table during Christmas with family is something that I certainly cherish and look forward to. No family in our town or region should have to go without that simple pleasure during this holiday season and we have it within our power to make sure that doesn't happen.

I can not stress enough how grateful I am as a resident of Torbay that RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Charity House have chosen to focus their efforts in our community and in particular our regional food bank. There are a lot of worthy charities and causes that they support and we are luck to be one of them.

A special “thank you” to Mary Lester of Lester Farm who provided the fresh veggies and a generous donation too. 

This is the list of Agents who helped out at the food bank last week

Here is some background information on this wonderful organization as presented by Kevin Martin in his own words. 

Three years ago we setup the RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Charity House; a Charity Foundation where all our RE/MAX Realtors in St. John’s and Mount Pearl only donate into. We also do fundraising to raise extra money for our Charity causes. Our yearly budget is about $30,000. RE/MAX Agents also donated about $50,000 and $20,000 yearly to the Janeway and the Breast Cancer society which is separate from this Charity Foundation.
The goal of our RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Charity House, is to reach out into the community and find dire-need charity cases to fund or help out with using our manpower. We reach out to other charity organizations, churches, schools and social groups that can direct us to where help is badly needed. We have a Board of Directors ( 8 RE/MAX Agents) that meet monthly to discuss issues and funding cases. Over the past three year we have funded, The Community Centre Alliance ( An organization that runs the community centers.) where we paid for a summer Lunch Program for kids at three community centres in the city; We also setup a “Food Fund” at the Gower Street United Church of $2500 to be paid out to the poor that come to the church steps looking for food.   

We have also funded many many individual cases. We recently bought eyes glasses for a little girl, so she could read in school; we paid for the daycare of a young girl so her mom could continue her degree at MUN and make a better life for them both; We recently paid the oil bill and electrical bill for two different seniors, so that they can help heat this winter.  And yesterday we approved funding for to buy bunkbeds for two little girls, and a Sobeys card for a young couple without income to feed is young family.
Our Charity Foundation is new. We are committed to helping out where we can and when we can.  RE/MAX Agents are more than Real Estate. We believe in giving back to our community and Partnering with our community to make life better for everyone. We are three years young but excited and ready to make a major impact on improving the lives of the needy.    
Over a month ago we came to realize that the Torbay Food Bank was in dire need, and this is why we have focused here. The recent Fundraiser was fun to organize and humbling to all our Agents who took part in it.  Our Foundation fundraised over $1600 in food for the Food Bank. We looking forward to the Christmas Turkey Drive now. 

Pictures from the food bank last week.

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