Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stuffed - North East Avalon Food Bank gets influx of Turkeys from RE/MAX Agents Charity House and area Residents

I am very happy to say that the freezers at the North East Avalon Food Bank are stuffed to the brim with turkeys for the Christmas season.

RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Charity House got us started with a tremendous donation of 100 turkeys for the food bank. I approached our neighboring towns councils to ask that they encourage their residents to contribute and provide a means for them to drop off at their respective town halls. In the end we collected about 145 turkeys that can be distributed to families in need this Christmas.

The response was excellent and it was great to see so many of our community leaders in attendance to deliver turkeys and help fill the freezers. Not everyone could make it yesterday but I would like to thank all the Real Estate Agents who showed up to help. I would also like to acknowledge and thank MHA Kevin Parsons, Mayor Darrin Thorne of Flatrock, Mayor Joedy Wall of Pouch Cove and Mayor John Kennedy of Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove.

I think that this particular turkey drive was certainly a success in many ways. First of all and most important is that many families who rely on the food bank will be able to have a turkey for Christmas. Secondly the fact that other towns in our region got involved highlights that this is not a Torbay Food Bank, it is a regional food bank for the North East Avalon.

The RE/MAX real estate agents who have been involved in helping our food bank for the past few months have really helped fill the shelves and lift the spirits of those people involved in the food bank. If you would like to see some additional information about their charity you can see it in a previous blog post here.

As we get closer to Christmas it has also been brought to my attention that the Food Bank is looking for some toys to add to some hampers. To get more information about that you can give Madonna a call at the food bank 437-6367.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Turkey Drive for North East Avalon Food Bank

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about how RE/MAX Real Estate Charity House has been helping out our regional food bank and that they intended to donate 100 turkeys for Christmas. This is a great benefit to our communities on the North East Avalon and users of the food bank in particular. Add to that the fact that food bank usage has been increasing all over the province and at our local food bank in particular.

With this in mind I contacted the towns in our region who are serviced by the food bank and asked if they would like to try and help raise awareness in their towns and provide a means for residents to drop off turkeys to be donated to the food bank. The response has been excellent and I believe all the towns in our area will accept a turkey if you want to drop it off and if they cannot please feel free to drop it at the Town of Torbay office.

The target date for delivery to the food bank is next Wednesday, December 7th so it would be greatly appreciated if you intend to try and help out that you drop off your turkey or other meat products like ground beef before then.

The local food bank has been under a lot of pressure this past year and are struggling to meet the needs of those people who unfortunately have to avail of their services. Usage has increased and times are only getting tougher for some. At times like this it is important for those of us who can afford it to step up and try and help those people in our communities who happen to find themselves in need.

I would also like to encourage people who may be finding it hard right now to put your pride aside and reach out for help if you need it. Nobody should be embarrassed to ask their friends and neighbours for help, especially if it means having a healthy meal on the table for your family.

Please if you can take a couple of bucks, toss and extra turkey in your cart that can be provided to a family in need this Christmas.


Craig Scott
Councillor Town of torbay