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The name Torbay comes from an area of the same name in Devonshire, England and was first mapped in 1615 by John Mason. The word is, of course well known, being the old Anglo-Saxon "Tor" which means a tower, and in a secondary way, a tall cone-like mountain, presenting some appearance of a tower. Both places are geographically similar with wide-open bays that face in a generally northeasterly direction. An extract from Bishop Field's Journal states, "indeed there seems to be a little colony of Devon folk in Torbay."
The community of Torbay experienced three French Campaigns the first of which occurred in December 1696. These invasions contributed to the eventual construction of the Torbay Battery in 1781, which was manned by 25 troops from the 71st Regiment and Royal Artillery. The ordinance was eventually withdrawn in 1795.  
The census of 1677 indicated the Cole and Corum families as residing in "Tarr-Bay" Newfoundland. The following year the Field Family joined them. By 1794 the population of Torbay was comprised of many of the surnames now associated with Torbay and totaled 108 English Settlers and 99 Irish Settlers.  
The early history of the community was further highlighted by the landing of Colonel William Amherst and his troops in 1762 on their way to re-capturing the capital city of St. John's from the French. This event was officially recognized in 1978 when the first Mayor of Torbay, William Manning unveiled a stone monument  and plaque at the present day Veterans Memorial Park.
This description is from the Town of Torbay Website.
For a more detailed description and a look at the new Town of Torbay Community Profile 2010 go here


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2010

    Do you know the current population of the town?

  2. According to the 2006 Canadian Census the population at that time was 6281 and was up 14% from the 2001 Census. Looking at the number of new homes that have been built here in the last 5 years I would estimate that the population has to be over 7200 by now. That is a rough guess.

  3. on the Torbay site 10,000 can you get confirmation on this # for us

  4. i herd that the polation was 9700 i also herd 7000 Craig can you get confermation on this # would be interesting to know!! if indeeded our population is near 10,000 i think its time for much more comerical development!! i would love to see Price Chopper expand to sobyes. We do shop at Price Choper but usualy only for a few itms.. the reason? its easyer to go to sobyes because of the selection there are many itms that price chopper do not carry!!! if it were to be changed to a bigger sobyes we would shope there for everything and i think alot more people would do the same!! Bosting there business dramatically


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