These are some pictures I have found on the web and some I took myself....enjoy. If you have an interesting pictures you would like to share please send them along.


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    Craig, the pictures are great. But I am really fascinated by the aerial view of the school, church and the road. Makes for quite an interesting view overhead.

    Anne (Aunt)

  2. malmn from HabsFansJuly 29, 2010

    Nice pics! Beautiful!

  3. Dear Mr. Scott
    My name is Josee, i've come across some pic's that may intrest you. They are from 1944 and are almost if not very close to the photos in your blog. my email is . i can send you coppies if you wish.

  4. Pictures are great just a not two of them are of Pouch Cove

  5. Hi there, I'm very confused - this doesn't look like Torbay at all! Since when did we get icebergs in the Channel? Also, I'm not sure if the pictures at the top of the page are at Maidencombe or somewhere close, but I don't recognise the area at all. Any chance you could clear this up? Thanks!

    1. This blog and these pictures are of Torbay, Newfoundland Canada. Not the Torbay in Devon

      Thanks for visiting my page, Craig


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